Sunday, November 13, 2011

Purity in Attitude

Hello All,
I wanted to write about something near and dear to my heart today. Purity in attitude. I see this everywhere as a teenage girl, in schools, at malls, and even in churches. Granted this really bothers me but let me explain why. In my opinion a girl can be modest in every aspect of her life but if she lacks modesty in her attitude then, in my book, she is officially not modest. Now, we've all seen it, you walk by a group of girls talking to a couple of guys and the girls are acting all flirty and super-friendly. Now even as a passer-by a single look at one these girls and a person can tell by their body-language, the tone of voice they use when talking, their gestures etc. exactly what they are doing. This, I must say, bothers me a great deal, because, I know in my head and my heart that every one of those girls and every one of those guys have a single wife or a single husband that God has planned especially for them. If not, if they were made to stay single, then, acting like this (girls) or watching this (guys or vs) is wrong and goes against His plan. I personally would like to, as a Christian, stay as close to His plan for me as I can. Now, granted, I expect that I'm going to mess up sometimes, but, the reasons I never want to be one of those flirty girls are: 1.) I know what it makes a guy thinks when a girl acts like that (thanks to The Modesty Rebelution I've heard it from the guys themselves). 2.) I want no part of making a fellow man Christian or not sin. 3.) I see acting like that as betraying my husband God has for especially for me.

As you can see I am very opinionated on this subject, but, I think as girls we have a responsibility to our fellow man not to conscientiously trip him up. Now, obviously, the men themselves are responsible form their own thoughts and if they still think like that even when we as women are not to blame then that is between them and God. Personally, I would like to know, though, that I have a clear conscience (to the best of my ability) on this topic. So just start by observing, that's what I did. Remember to watch for this (immorality in attitude) as you go to school, go shopping, or whatever you're doing. Then look for it in your own life, watch yourself as you are talking to guys, ( or vs) think about your motives in the conversation. Is it just a friendly chat? Or is there another underlying motive? Remember Modesty, like many things, involves inner motives. (and work)  ;)

Please Think On This. :)

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  1. Great thoughts Emily. I think this is a much overlooked issue in today's society. It's good to challenge our thinking and really look at the impact we have on others with our words and actions. Also, it's good to examine our thinking which I think you're beginning to challenge people to do. All for His Glory!
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