Saturday, November 12, 2011

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I created this blog to question the definition of beauty in women. My personal definition conflicts with that of society’s definition of beautiful. This blog is meant to compare and contrast the differences in society’s opinion and my opinion, which I draw from the Bible. In my opinion, beauty is mainly from within, I value modesty, humility, and generosity, more than I value hairstyles, make-up, and clothes. I am not by any means saying I don’t use any of these, or like them, but I’m saying that I value modesty,  and humility more. Many people would say, "Oh no that’s not me, my life doesn’t revolve around such superficial things." At first I am the same way, but as I’ve learned so far in life not everything is as easy as it appears. For example you may not center your life around make-up or facials, but what I am getting at is the actual root ideals behind them. Meaning I want to know why, why are we told we need certain things to be beautiful? Is it just the money-hungry make-up and hair corporations? I beg to differ. The power is in the hands of the people. If we all felt the same way about a certain product, the business would go under. So if this is the case that only leaves, me, whose buying the things.  It seems to only leave us as consumers to blame for the trends. I say this because if we consumers didn’t like something (say ‘70s clothes) it wouldn’t be on the market. Why then do we promote shorts shorter than underwear, shirts so low there’s nothing you can’t see and clothes tighter than our own skin? Is it because we like it? I would like to hear someone else’s opinion here besides just mine.

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  1. Great thoughts Emily. I think this is a much overlooked issue in today's society. It's good to challenge our thinking and really look at the impact we have on others with our words and actions. Also, it's good to examine our thinking which I think you're beginning to challenge people to do. All for His Glory!


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