Sunday, January 15, 2012

Spring: Coming Soon!!

Hello again all,
With spring arriving in a few months I just wanted to make sure and go over a couple debated topics the first, is the topic of: shorts. While most people don't exactly go all out tank-tops and shorts at the first sign of winter residing, its still best to start remembering.

Rule Number 1: Just because it was OK last year doesn't mean it will work this year. Now, granted most of us know this rule, but, I just wanted to make sure we are on the same page with this.

Rule Number 2: short-shorts are a no-go, It's like a friend of mine so eloquently put it," If your underwear are longer than your shorts, something's wrong." Now most of the popular short-shorts are about 3-5 inches of actual jean material long and the latest style with the pocket fabric showing underneath just makes matters worse. So please do everyone a favor and go knee-length, and no shorter than mid-thigh but that is really pushing it.

So again just to recap, try it on if its from previous years just to make sure, and absolutely avoid short-shorts.